China wall clock still counterattack opportunities

China wall clock still counterattack opportunities
     Guangdong wall clock industry Association executive vice chairman Chen Zhendong said the main energy producing world wall clock industry in China, Guangdong and wall clock parts distribution center, but the domestic profits is very low. Currently, Switzerland, Japan and other countries in the high-end wall clock market right to speak, ordinary, low-end wall clock market were Chinese monopoly.
     Canton Chamber of Commerce vice president of the wall clock industry, said Xu taught yuan, nearly 80 percent of products from China watch, while 80% of exports, and accounted for 80% of Guangdong, Guangzhou even has been known as the "Kingdom of export" Chinese wall clock industry . But the value of China accounts for only 30% of the timepiece as a whole. As long as China wall clock have their own style and content, quality assurance and good after-sales service, in a free and open market, China still wall clock counter-attack opportunities. "The Chinese market is so big, as big sea ship more afraid of who the winner is still unknown."
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