wall clock Museum to start building this year

wall clock Museum to start building this year
    Reporters recently learned from Dianjiang Industrial Park, has been committed to build the western wall clock Dianjiang Industrial Park will build wall clock museum, the museum plans this year to start building the collection wall clock exhibition and sales.
    According to the plan design, Dianjiang wall clock museum is divided into three theme pavilions, one European museum, gathered Switzerland, Italy, France and other European famous timepiece, both physical display, the wall clock also has its history, wall clock cultural presentation; Second, Japan Museum, introduces advanced technology in Japan in recent years, electronic watches, mechanical wall clock field; Third, China Pavilion, will mainly showcase the development and evolution of Chinese wall clock technology since the founding of New China, including Chongqing famous old brands - Fortress wall clock will be an important showcase brand.
    It is understood that the western industrial park wall clock one square kilometers of land planning, research and development will focus on the development of test clocks, wall clock and core components into wall clock manufacturing, assembly, precision machining and other related industries extension.
    Among them, one of the key projects in Chongqing wall clock Co., Ltd. listing ceremony was held on December 26, 2013. Currently, the company has 1100 square meters of standardized plant completion of the renovation, a 225 acres of land for the project has been completed the land transfer, is stepping up the preparation of 225 acres wall clock production project design, project EIA report, completed and put into an annual output of up to 12 billion yuan . In addition, the production of mountain brand wall clock New Arrivals exhibition will also be held in October this year, then, by the Swiss and Hong Kong wall clock designer wall clock mountain will be officially listed.
    Dianjiang Industrial Park, the person in charge, with the timepiece to build the western industrial park will generate a lot of wall clock mechanic needs. In order to meet the wall clock industry, at present, the park is working hard to build wall clock training center. "At this stage we wall clock mechanic workshops specially set up in Dianjiang vocational school has been officially opening, is expected to open the first three classes of about 60 people."

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