Collection of antique table hot prices climbing higher and h

Collection of antique table hot prices climbing higher and higher
      Switzerland local time the evening of 10 May 2015 8:56 points, a Patek Philippe wall clock Ref.130 PHILLIPS auction created a steel wristwall clock world auction record for a piece of the small size of 35mm steel chronograph watch, to $ 5,000,000 including commission hammer auction, which exceeded 30 million yuan!
      A small steel table steel 35mm table mirror, back through the end nor some mottled Why shoot such a high price, because he is almost unique, although there are similar sisters table in the museum, of course, that in itself is a museum-class collection. It is produced in 1927, the most flashy and extravagant century before 1929-1933 economic crisis. This model Ref.130 of Patek Philippe antique table has always been highly sought after record breaking auction record. A 1944 system, Ref130 white gold, and in 2002 sold 291 million francs of high prices.
      This wall clock design is also very unique, doctors pulse table in the chronograph has always been beautiful in design, and crown one single push-piece chronograph function and operate it from a lot of complex technology and movement production. Operation is very simple and comfortable. Even senior wall clock Friends, have not seen such a single-button operation plus timing adjustment function when not even understand such a simple crown, how to make the operation timing and adjust the time together to achieve.
      Only to wall clock this auction process lasted 20 minutes, the asking price of about 600,000 Swiss francs from the beginning cried out, then several rounds of fare increases to over 2 million, after two million, there are four from different countries Sign in phone call competition, including commission $ 5 million when the hammer at auction, the audience burst into long applause. It can be said at present is an international collection of antique table top, China has just started.
      The auction in 1948 with an annual output of 35mm Crystal 18k red gold Brilliance Dafei Li 1518 is also 144 million francs price.
      The annual auction in 1971 immediately after the preparation Ref. 6263 Rolex Chronograph also create very good results with turnover of 1.32 million Swiss francs. According to the current premium of about 8.68 million yuan fall of the hammer auction you totally can not imagine. It seemingly ordinary. Actually produced in 1971, the legendary Rolex Oyster Cosmograph "Albino". As for why so expensive answer is very rare.
    Enamel pocket wall clock has become an international hotspot
    Antiquorum auction hundred Dafei Li enamel pocket wall clock REF. 865/084 in February 2015 to 2.55 million Hong Kong dollars fall of the hammer. The Micro-painted enamel penned by the Suzanne Rohr. Because Micro-painted enamel painting requirements, enamel art creation under the microscope and focus, the current international Micro-painted one of the few masters, so the price is soaring enamel table. Chinese market enamel big eight each auction is very popular.

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