Talk about feng shui home wall clock from placing

Talk about feng shui home wall clock from placing
     Home wall clock what particular about feng shui it? Bell will rotate, go with the old and welcoming, repeated changes in the role of feng shui, and it is also the clock and "end" are homonyms, so it can not be lightly bell is placed, placing feng shui this timepiece is a certain luxurious. Now to tell you this detailed placement wall clock it!
First, put the home Feng Shui exquisite timepiece
     wall clock feng shui, five elements are gold round watch, square wall clock five elements are earth, rectangular wall clock five elements are wood, with sharp triangular wall clock five elements are fire, wavy wall clock the five elements are water, we can according to their own personal element sign to choose their own Health Wang wall clock shape, color: the white is a gold, black blue is water, green is wood, a fire red orange, yellow Dependent territories.
     Inside the residence bell square is appropriate, try to avoid using circular, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal. Inside the residence round the clock because people would try to upset the rest of the winter will make the shape of the bell he gets the length of disputes within the premises. The most significant exception square bell serene.
Second, the family wall clock placed feng shui
     1, the home of the wall clock should be square, rectangular wall clock under the name of the family stable, the office should be hung round the clock, a symbol of good business is booming.
     2 The clock should not be placed toward the windows, nor can hang the headboard and foot of the bed, are unlucky place, will affect home life.
     3, only one master clock, wall clock the rest of the room should not exceed one general aspect of the face placed in the auspicious demon side, blocking and turn away unlucky.
     4, left and right are the living room should not be placed watches, both in and around the sofa should not be placed above the clocks, can be placed or hung in the south or east.
Third, the family wall clock which display good feng shui orientation
     1, can be placed or hung on the side of Suzaku, Suzaku party because that is the front (south), ahead of the genus mover;
     2, can be placed or hung on the side of the Dragon, as the Dragon side to the Kyrgyz side (east), so the left of the living room are also advised to put the clock;
     3. Do not put or hung on square white tiger, white tiger side because of the fierce side (west), the right of the living room should not put the clock;
     4. Do not put or hung on the side of basalt, basaltic because the rear side (north), Static not dynamic;
     5, the clock hanging above the sofa should not be, otherwise, people often take this position of the body prone to problems;
     6, suspended or placed clock in the bedroom, living room and placed substantially the same way, but can not hang clock bedside end of the bed.

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