In addition to brand new table, this year also launched called SIHH: Exhibition "Astronomy son of horology" in. To show a large number of people since ancient times associated cognitive universe by observing celestial bodies and obtained.
    January 20, 2014 to 24, the 24th Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) held as scheduled, in five days received a total of about 14,000 visitors, of which about 1,300 media from around the world. On this part of Haute Horlogerie event, people in addition to the early adopters of the latest works of 16 brands, but also enjoy a name: visual feast "Astronomy son of horology" in. The Swiss Foundation for Advanced tab (FHH) launched a special exhibition has worked on the occasion of the International Watch Fair SIAR in Mexico City and London debut, the exhibition promoted by the measurement of time culture helps people understand the industry after a generation of humans Passing the origin and development, and the celestial and measurement time compared, in order to remind you - well-known day, month and year for all the stars from human observations.
    Civilization from ancient times to the growing science and technology today, watchmakers have already created a universe of expression, originally as a scientific instrument, but now it is the desire of astronomers and enthusiasts thereof. This magical story about the Sun, the Earth, the moon and the universe will make visitors phase, calendar, calendar and many other equally fantastic and convey the magic and mystery of the universe, a mechanical device, and more nuanced understanding through May it has now been converted to Watch astronomical complex functionality. This exhibition is a tribute to human talent, it countless great thinkers, scientists and adventurers to their tireless efforts to prove to the public, much more than just watch timing thing. The exhibition also explores the physical laws of the universe from the definition of humanity, to establish pedigree Milky Way will eventually be applied to this subject all stages of development of mechanical watchmaking. From the Earth to the Moon, from the sun to the universe, "the son of astronomy: horology" traces for the understanding of our world and the human world is how to create various crucial discovery. It is worth mentioning that this year many brands released the latest SIHH watch seems coincident with the theme of this exhibition, Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication hit new series looking at the stars in a unique way, Lange Richard Lange Series Terraluna calendar watch table back in a rational picture of the Earth, moon and sun trajectory constellation diagram, and Cartier objects running style calendar watch and "Earth and the moon" Tourbillon dual time Tourbillon moon phase watch more there is no doubt linked with astronomy. Seen in this light, advanced watchmaking past, present and future, all have a bond with astronomy.

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