Rolex brand watches pursuit of quality

Rolex brand watches pursuit of quality
     Rolex not only innovative effort to perfect and full of dedication to seek, Rolex, the "moral" not empty words. Rolex watches "prudent, practical, not flashy" design style, much-esteem, and more precise and durability makes the Rolex worth extraordinary. Each Rolex watch technicians all have the same faith, everything is essential excellence. They get help cutting-edge technology to ensure that every production process have to undergo strict quality control, each table will enter plenum test water resistance, and then two seconds per century error calibration accuracy of atomic clocks do, as long as the invention slightly failing that abandoned, complete table of all quality tests before leaving the factory.
       A Rolex watch can be magnificent and elegant, quite true, depends on the perfect combination of 220 components. Rolex watches in the assembly and the combination process, to make every aspect fulfill the United States, seamless, called the art as Rolex watchmakers. In fact, each Rolex watchmaking links are severe stress, in addition to the choice of material outside the body of the table, inlaid with precious stones, and work status have been repeated sketch design, meditation careful consideration before the final shape. In addition, the Rolex tradition and Science and Technology jointly developed a series of jewelry watches, precious stones inlaid precious to hard work, only having a watchmaker's craft clever, competent.
       Rolex who excel, seek to improve energy also gives the highest moral Rolex watches that Rolex enjoys other table no comparison honor. In 1953, mountaineer Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex watch Mount Everest, and explorer Renouf fee because wearing the same Rolex tame the Antarctic, after a few years, Rolex has sneaked into the 10,800 meters seabed. This pioneering history many adventures are all witness to the fact that Rolex good moral character, without any Zhuo.
       Rolex for perfect dedication and distinguished maintained, leading the fashion watch industry, but also won the trust of all walks of life and sought after in the world. It is said that a big star Elizabeth Hurley (Elizabeth Hurley) has played a lady in "Flattery Sarah", she played very motives, but later found that the stage manager who himself is wearing a fake Rolex watch when he angrily stopped speech, she said: I play the lady, how can wear it off the table? Moreover, it is easy to see through the audience. Thus, the stage manager had to spend 15,000 yuan to buy a piece of real Rolex watch, play again before shooting.

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