Luo Jiedu He List of manufacturing processes

Luo Jiedu He List of manufacturing processes
       Full of emotion and passion for watchmaking, unfolding infinite creativity, not only with brilliant results in technical, creative and aesthetic aspects also create excellence. RogerDubuis Luo Jiedu He watches as a small factory, they control large, complex and advanced watchmaking technology complex, watch factory designers and engineers working to break the tradition of Haute Horlogerie category, continue to move towards a new milestone. Luo Jiedu equipped RogerDubuis the original movement Excalibur series, La Monégasque series, Pulsion and Velvet series series are unique and distinctive, with complex processes and publicity design. Large case, transparent case back, amplifier crown molding Roman numerals, strap and case lugs Sancha junction, Celtic cross shaped tourbillon framework, these mechanical timepieces have identified all of the sensory impact Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu it is unique logo.
      As very few able to manufacture devices such as the balance spring watch factory, RogerDubuis Luo Jiedu He fully demonstrated itself to master highly sophisticated watchmaking position, which not only won a good reputation for the brand, but also to ensure its full movement independence and uniqueness.
      RogerDubuis Luo Jiedu He watch factory is a spectacular building, completed in 2001. Its glass curtain wall reflects the watches produced in the building of bold and confident appearance equipped, sophisticated complex mechanical structure, function and appearance of the brand means the same attention, the two go hand in hand, the simultaneous development. This is a watch factory production capacity have improved strength lies, Luo Jiedu He can therefore RogerDubuis case for a variety of shapes (either round, square or rectangular), the development of special movement. It is also among the senior watch factory watchmaking prerequisites.

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