Perfectionist using towels four notes

Perfectionist using towels four notes
Monthly high temperature cooking
According to textile experts, individuals with a towel for 30 days or so should be replaced, most should not exceed 40 days. Otherwise, it is necessary to disinfect the towel cooking temperature to soften. Because the towel a long time, become uncomfortably stiff, the most important is contamination of bacteria, harmful than good.
Towels made of pure cotton yarn, cotton fiber is a tubular structure that can store water; its main chemical composition cellulose molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic gene, can absorb moisture. This cotton yarn moisture, water storage properties make towels feel comfortable, decontamination capability, suitable for face wash clean. But precisely because of this feature for the breeding of germs and provide convenient conditions. Most bacteria prefer warm humid environment.
Towels more susceptible
Towel a long time in temperature and humidity condition, after a certain period of time, has become a paradise for bacteria, in addition to human skin oils, dust, impurities in the water, air, bacteria and other deposits in the towel, then this towel wipe the skin not only would not achieve a clean role, but will stain the skin, clogging pores. Like make-up ladies and children fast metabolism, skin and more oil, towels more susceptible to harm in particular.
In the wash or bathe when advised to use shower gel and rinse with water after a dry towel and then wipe dry, thus reducing the adhesion of human dirt on the towel. Towels should be promptly cleaned after use, every week 10 minutes with boiling water disinfection, hung in place to be ventilated, preferably dry or dry in time.
Everyone should have extra towels
Textile experts say: unscientific use the towel, it will affect their health. Especially in summer, it should be promoted with a number of towels per person. Towels are small, but it has to be accompanied by one's life. If the towel with a large number of bacteria, viruses, will penetrate into the body through the skin and facial features, affect health.
Scientific evidence: coins, bedding, towels products are the three infectious diseases indirect media. Due to the influence of traditional lifestyle and consumption concepts, many consumers ignore the towel on the health effects, and continued use of some unscientific: for example, more than a towel, a multi-purpose towel, not broken do not change, re-use, do not pay attention towels health, neglect and shoddy products hazards.
Should as far as possible to large shopping malls to buy towels
In the purchase towels, should be to large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores to buy, choose the regular manufacturer's products. Qualified products should be standardized logo towels, and the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone, trademarks, performance standards, washing and so marked.
In the feel, the texture should be chosen fluffy soft towel. Such a towel in his hand touched the elastic, attached to the face, giving the feeling of a soft cheek, towels should not dry hard, so as not to damage the skin. In general, high-quality towels feel softer, fluffy and elastic.
In addition, when using household towels also do some quality identification, such as drops of water droplets on the new towels can rapidly be absorbed, then a good absorbent towel.
Quality towels and resilient sense of friction in use, the water will not fade. Inferior poor absorbent towel, use loose, inelastic, creamy feel, fade into the water when the more serious damage to skin and eye irritation larger.

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