Mistakes continued to fade towel actually carcinogenic

Mistakes continued to fade towel actually carcinogenic
Wipe, wash, bath towel ...... hanging at home has become one of the highest frequency of use of daily necessities. Previously, people with a towel called "labor towel" is red, blue, green and white kind of white, although varieties, a single, but very good use. Now, more and more varieties available in the market towels, color increasingly complex, followed by more and more problems. Here, we take a look at the use of common towels three questions to see what the experts have to say.
Two days ago, the king's aunt commodity market to buy towels. Towel color, many varieties, the price than the mall, supermarkets cheaper market. Wang aunt picked up three wash your face with a towel, boss direct offer "$ 10 three."
While there is no label instructions on the towel, color is also very bright, but the price in the supermarket can not buy even a towel, Wang aunt much thought or go out and buy.
Not good goods cheaper. Wang aunt put a red towel into the water, the water turned red. To play on a towel soap bubble is red. Even with a towel to wipe her face, the face will be slightly flushed. With a series of days, towels not only continue to fade, there was a bit of a musty black. Wang aunt very upset, had to throw the towel.
Experts: After a lot of towels are stained. I bought a new towel, for the first time into the water with a slight fade, is normal. If you continue to fade, there are two possibilities, one is this towel is re-processed products, and the other is the use of low-quality dye towels.
Inferior dye is used inferior materials and production of chemical dyes, dye is one of the regular costs only, which also contains carcinogenic substances such as aromatic amines. After prolonged contact with the human body towel containing aromatic amines, aromatic amines readily absorbed by the skin, cause cancer or allergies, and aromatic amines in the human body can incubate for up to 20 years. So, get out of the low-quality dyes towel wash, just wash your face with the same industrial wastewater, will seriously damage the skin and health hazards.
● "antibacterial" antibacterial towel most do not
In addition to the colorful varieties, but now the market has appeared a lot of functional towel, such as "antibacterial" towels. This "antibacterial" towel price, several times more expensive than ordinary towels.
Miss Chang recently in the supermarket spent several tens of dollars, buy a so-called "antibacterial" towels, but with them, and she felt almost ordinary towel. With a long time, the towel will be yellow, above there an odor. "Bacteria look like children? Without a microscope, no one can not see, I think the so-called 'antimicrobial' is just a towel business promotion gimmick." Miss Zhang feel cheated.
Experts: If the towel fiber itself has antibacterial function, then the towel with real antibacterial effect, but the current is very little fiber, so that now the market so-called "antibacterial" antibacterial towel most do not.
Want a real towel sterilization, would someone special, special towels only. Weekly towel pasteurized processed in the microwave a few minutes on the line, while the best three months put on a new towel.
● more absorbent towels instead of the softer
A few days ago, Liang aunt bought a super-soft towel, squeeze up like cotton, but the towel dipped into the water, the water beads floated to the towel, water and a towel simply "incompatible."
Later, Liang aunt put water in the basin fill, so awkward the whole towel pressed into the water, then kept rubbing it, this water slowly infiltrate into the towel.
Experts: Towels quality depends mainly on yarn and fiber content. Some towels plus help softener, feels very soft and very slippery, but the water absorption is very poor. Now on the market sell towels, generally divided into three types, water absorption is also different, the public can be distinguished by the towel edge of a small label.
The first is a terry towel, very soft, more comfortable to use, there are more absorbent than ordinary towel and softness.
The second jacquard towels, very beautiful, exquisite and delicate patterns, colorful changeable, but the moisture absorption and softness are slightly inferior.
The third is untwisted yarn towel, feel very supple, and moisture is also particularly good, as well as protect the skin. Untwisted yarn towel is now more fashionable beauty towel

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