Choose water-absorbent towel learned is the key

Choose water-absorbent towel learned is the key
Towels daily contact with the skin, but also with people's health are closely related. Some experts advise that some towels or dye material does not meet the standard requirements, may cause allergic skin reactions, and therefore need to be careful when choosing.
Experts suggest that the selection should note the following towel.
Try to buy a towel to the regular shopping malls, supermarkets. Pay attention to see signs towels are complete. Specification label should indicate the production unit, address, name, size, using the composition and content, washing methods, product standard number of other raw materials, should not buy "three noes" products.
Texture should be chosen fluffy soft towel. Towels should not dry hard, so as not to damage the skin. Fluffy cotton towels feel good, soft without a greasy feel. However towel too soft and creamy softener is often added in excess due to too much influence not only water absorption, and is not conducive to good health.
To buy water absorption and color fastness better towels. Water absorption and color fastness is a measure two key indicators of good or bad quality towels. Good absorbent towel hanging wet drops of water on the rear rejection does not tumble, good quality cotton towels to absorb rapid diffusion, if used to wipe her face towel, then quickly dry water, to make dust and dirt, while the poor in the towel face slippery, non-absorbent, decontamination. Poor color fastness towels fade serious. Now some companies to reduce costs, the use of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes color, skin and eye irritation greater damage, should pay attention to the selection.

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