Towels also need to save breathable

Towels also need to save breathable
If the towel is no obvious dirty track, new towels may not have to wash with breathable items (such as sorting bags) wrapped into a mothballs to prevent moth-eaten, and then stored in dry and ventilated wardrobe can be, do not pay attention to the above by weight. Summer and autumn rain, after the rainy season, it is best to towel out to air dry to prevent mildew; if found moldy cotton ball dipped in alcohol wipe, and then clean wet towel to scrub clean, dry thoroughly and then proper collection . But be careful not to put the sun exposure, otherwise it may be new to the old faded quilt.
If you want to clean towel, then pay attention to the water temperature is not too high, and the use of neutral detergent solution, washed, dried when available hanger pat, which enables the filler to restore bulkiness, but also conducive to the filler is completely dry, prevent mildew. Cleaning towel towel best selection of dedicated cleaning agent. Because they are neutral, it can reduce the damaging effects of protein fibers, and has excellent cleaning power and protection opsonization, washed, towel fabrics can keep luster and fluffy inside. When cleaning towels, first towel soaked in water and then put in 20 to 30 grams towel detergent, warm water and 4 kg dubbed lotion, soak for 20 minutes, and dirt with a soft bristle brush to clean the surface to be then rinse with water. In short, as long as you are careful maintenance, winter comes, you can take the lead on the new towel, enjoy the comfort and warmth.

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