New towels can not be used directly

New towels can not be used directly
Towels purchase common sense, use is also learned.
● Do not directly use the new towels, fresh towels should be washed with water before use.
● used towels should be washed, drying, dry before use, to comply with health requirements, if repeated without drying washing and the use of, or even more than sharing, it may increase the opportunities for the spread of germs, and It may lead to cross-infection. WHO also of our country had issued a document specifically to promote the number of individual consumers using towels four for the men and three women;
● Place a towel should be kept dry and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of various types of bacteria from the spot or to increase the service life of towels;
● Do not use household bleach bleach towels, so as not to damage the skin;
● towels should be replaced. Any product has a life, a towel fabric, is organic, the use period is generally three months.
So towels should be changed based on the use of time. If the towel produce moldy or dry hard, to replace immediately.
● Everyone must have their own special towels, and need to be configured for different purposes according to the towel products. Washcloth, bath towel, absorbent turban, sports towels and so should be used separately;
● towel after use should be promptly cleaned, disinfected once a week, the best time drying or dried;
● After change greasy towels available brine.

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