Beware of pick towel exceeded carcinogen

Beware of pick towel exceeded carcinogen
Not long ago, some media have reported that love fade towel carcinogen - benzidine most excessive, and some even hundreds of times more than the national compulsory standards. The National Cotton Textile Products Inspection Center QC experts believe that the towels fade does not mean that contain hazardous substances, some of the regular factory produced products also have a layer of floating color. So fade can distinguish towel as quality standards it?
    China Textile Academy of Sciences researcher hit Experts tell us a simple way, in the purchase of colorful towels before, pots with a clean paper towel or clean water to identify. Towel because failure is mainly due to water absorption and color fastness is not up to the towel color fastness clearly less fade, but some products do have regular floating color, as long as at the time of purchase with a tissue in the selected towel rub back and forth several times, if the color is shallow or no dip in tissue stained, indicating that the towel color fastness are very good, quality product clearance, whereas the color on a paper towel dipped in clear, towel easy to fade, then the relatively poor color fastness, quality is naturally compromised.
    Of course, after a towel to buy a home on the water can be washed several times, generally speaking, good quality towel is just the first time you wash would wash away some of the floating color. If you fade each time, it is best not to wash your face with this quality towels, otherwise just use "chemical dye," wash your face as time goes by, no small damage to the skin.
    Prior to the selection of Smell
    In fact, prior to the selection of brightly colored towels towel should also smell the taste, because some low-quality manufacturer of towels to use some banned dyes, which dye compound containing biphenyl amines of carcinogenic substances, will produce thorns smell the nose. There are some low-quality towels have an Anabaena taste, gasoline, not storage or transportation, but because of mechanical processing equipment manufacturers oil spills, caused not meet health standards, so good quality towel should be no odor of color of.
    Cotton towels of choice
    For a variety of textures colored towels, absorbent, breathable cotton towel or skin care preferred. In the selection of the first against the light cotton towel towel color is uniform, soft, if the color is too bright is doped with polyester or other fibers. And a hand to feel the softness of towels, if UNEVEN with stubble, or simply hard, not cotton. It can also be extracted from two cotton thread, if more brittle sound off, indicating good quality, there is no crisp sound, indicating poor quality.
    Poor quality cotton towels, more often than not one hundred percent cotton, but a considerable proportion of doped chemical fiber, easy to pilling, used to wash, apparently irritate the skin, so buy quality guaranteed cotton towels, or should go to specialized shops or supermarkets to buy.

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