Towel secret

Towel secret
1. Why Towel absorbs water so fast?
            Because microfiber absorbent towel is produced, water absorption is 7 times the normal fiber, absorbent cotton towels speed is 6 times of. No bacteria, can be used repeatedly, life expectancy is four times the ordinary towel
2. Towel features:
(1) silky soft warmth
Fiber has a small unit size, soft to the touch; whiteness, bright colors; toughness and wear resistance, a unique elasticity; strong vertical and horizontal intensity, uniform and stable, good drape; soft, smooth not binding body, softer than cotton, velvet has a unique sense.
(2) cool and comfortable, the real "air conditioning fiber":
Fiber cross section is filled with large and small oval-shaped pores can absorb and evaporate in an instant a lot of water.
(3) antibacterial antibiotic:
The same number of bacteria under a microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can flourish, and fiber products on the bacteria within 24 hours after killing about 75%.
(4) environmental protection, anti-UV:

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