Salon one yuan sterile towels

Salon one yuan sterile towels
    Recent haircut readers can easily find a lot of Kunming began salon towel disinfect subject to a dollar fee, and that this is required by the health sector. Reporters interviewed Kunming City Health Bureau was informed that the Health Department has not released this mandatory.
   Recently, the West in the circle of a barber shop, when a reporter said to a haircut, shampoo service staff to reporters while lying nice, open a bag of purple towel, he said: "disposable sterile towels are subject to a dollar. "According to its introduction, they use such disposable towel disinfection has been more than a month," the general will agree to use a haircut. "Reporters took a bag of towels observed in transparent bags did not see any production date and manufacturers logo.
   Subsequently, the reporter went to Taobao Ladies Peace Village. Barber shop here five or six, most use their own washing, drying, disinfecting towels. "You do not want to receive using the 'one yuan sterile towels' notice it?" A reporter asked. Barber shop staff said they did not get the relevant departments of the regulations or verbal notification.
   Nanping pedestrian street near Coconut Island style, recently started using disposable sterile towels, each bag with two towels, a charge of $. The head of the hair salon Jingli introduction, most customers have no objection to the charges, the use of sterile towels "is company policy not received uniform provisions of government departments."
   This reporter interviewed the Kunming City Health Bureau. According to Kunming Health Bureau office responsible person named Hu: "one dollar one yuan sterile towels and tableware as health, health authorities can not provide for compulsory publication use per customer has their own right to choose whether or not to use." When the reporter dialed Tong Industry 12315 complaints telephone, wiring staff said they have not yet received any complaints about disposable sterile towels together, and also to the specific circumstances and relevant departments to communicate.

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