What is compressed towel

What is compressed towel
  The production of compressed towel can be said that all textile companies to increase product variety, improve product quality good project, but also other companies and individuals to invest in a great way to select entrepreneurship.
    As the product easy to carry, small size, the new chic, clean, and remove a wide variety of disease prevention, etc., will become the tourism, travel services necessary product. In luxury hotels, sauna and massage, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed towel can clear people towel health concerns. Compressed towel can be used as a small gift, the product printed on the unit address, business scope, scenic spots, etc. can be used as a beautiful, novel and unique souvenirs. Apply to hotels, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, transportation departments, enterprises and various travel companies. Even as a factory paid labor supplies, compressed towel as easy to carry, easy to remember number, issuing simple, novelty products, etc. also better than ordinary towels. In people's daily lives, compressed towel also has broad prospects for development, compressed towel can be designed into a variety of shapes and patterns, unconventional, it is bound to arouse people's curiosity, which led to people's desire to buy. Furthermore, the use of ultraviolet disinfection compressed towel, PVC housing uses advanced packaging technology, so that products are not in direct contact with the air, thus effectively avoiding the product contamination, people can buy and use safely. Now people increasingly high demand for commodities, the gradual shift from the use of a single function to multi-function, high-grade direction, and the advent of compressed towel just to meet this trend, its market prospects can be imagined.

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