Sponge towel water decontamination

Sponge towel water decontamination
Car tools sponge, ordinary towel, fiber towel, plush wash mitt, chamois towel, long-handled brush points. Use four words summarize the principle: clear division of labor, their duties. Such as decontamination sponge, then not washed, and then used to dry the body.
Sponge. There are two main purposes: First, to erase washing liquid vehicle with the lower half of the dirt, such as caked dirt; Second, wipe clean the entire vehicle after remaining moisture.
Fiber towel. Wipe the water stain on the vehicle after washing part, must rely on a soft, clean towel fibers. Ordinary towel, face towel, such as weekdays, texture is too rough, easy to hurt the paint.
Plush wash mitt (commonly known as "bear's paw"). It can be used to wipe the body moisture. The disadvantage is that a section of the "coral tentacles", not easy to leave the area to wipe the body.
Chamois towel. Softer than towels, water absorption better, the price is relatively expensive. Market, fake suede towel ratio is not low. Cleaning effect of counterfeit goods, with almost towel.
Long-handled brush. Cleaning hub purposes.
Towels, sponges, gloves and suede towel, soaked must use, avoid dry rub. Light-colored car, if not washed stain remains, will look very obvious, it is recommended to clean the whole car and wipe the contact surfaces have chosen fullest sponge.
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